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Classic Who facts you never knew

A collection of little-known "facts" about Classic Doctor Who, collected from the imaginations of Classic Whovians everywhere.
Oct 19 '14

Fact #1175

Patrick Troughton was an evil magician, and so, upon his death, transferred his soul into that of his beautiful assistant, Frazer Hines. This is why he does such a good impersonation.

Oct 9 '14

Fact #1174

There is a room in the TARDIS full of invisible kittens. One escaped once and tore Four’s scarf leading to Five tearing it himself to hide the kitten damage.

Sep 23 '14

Fact #1173

The reason the Master is so antagonistic to the Doctor is that the Doctor accidentally fed the Master’s rabbit cabbage instead of lettuce.

Sep 16 '14

Fact #1172

Throughout season 19, John Nathan-Turner kept insisting the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, and Adric form a barbershop quartet. This scene was removed from at least one episode per serial.

Sep 8 '14

Fact #1171

Colin Baker smuggled cats onto the set and at least one can be spotted in every episode if you look hard enough.

Sep 1 '14

Fact #1170

William Hartnell isn’t the first Doctor.

Sep 1 '14

Fact #1169

Peter Davison is actually a robotic suit controlled by kittens.

Aug 28 '14

Fact #1168

If you mix skittles and cream in a blender and feed it to a kitten, the result is Bonnie Langford’s voice.

Aug 17 '14

Fact #1167

Every Doctor since 1966 has been played by William Hartnell under the effects of polyjuice potion, a ploy by him and Sydney Newman to prevent anyone finding out about their immortality. He and the BBC have planned that in 2023 this fact will be revealed, and that they will present to the world all of the missing episodes, except for the fourth episode of The Tenth Planet. Sydney Newman was every producer until JNT, and returned to the role in 2010 as Beth Willis, who was fired upon Moffat’s discovery of this.

Aug 17 '14

Fact #1166

Time Lord physiology is capable of metabolising sugars into many other biochemicals. The Doctor has mostly survived on candy for centuries.