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Classic Who facts you never knew

A collection of little-known "facts" about Classic Doctor Who, collected from the imaginations of Classic Whovians everywhere.
Apr 18 '14

Fact #1083

It may surprise newer fans to know that the Doctor’s iconic “Sonic Screwdriver” did not appear until the Second Doctor’s run. Before this the Doctor would open locked doors with a pollaxe.

Apr 18 '14

Fact #1082

Watching Dimensions in Time enough times will grant the viewer the power of time travel. However, since no one has ever watched it more than once, the secret to time travel remains undiscovered.

Apr 13 '14

Fact #1081

It stipulates in the contract of all actors who’ve played the Doctor that they must do their best not to age before filming the end of their tenure as the Doctor. This is why Paul McGann barely aged between 1996 and 2013. It is possible that, released from his contractual obligation, he could now rapidly age in a Dorian-Gray-like manner.

Likewise, because the regeneration from Six to Seven was portrayed by Sylvester McCoy with a wig, Colin Baker is immortal.

Apr 12 '14

Fact #1080

Everything bad that has happened to the Doctor is actually the fault of the Meddling Monk messing around behind the scenes.

Apr 11 '14

Fact #1079

While most think Paul McGann is the shortest running Doctor, this is false. The shortest of them all is, in fact, the Ninth, with negative eight years between regenerations.

Apr 10 '14

Fact #1078

Bessie was actually a Dalek in disguise.

Apr 10 '14

Fact #1077

The real reason why Mel never had a introductory story was because Bonnie Langford was never supposed to be a companion. She ran onto the set of the TARDIS whilst filming; bringing a exercise machine with her and demanded that Colin Baker start exercising. When producers tried to remove her, she would just scream at them; thus they had to put up with her and create the character of Mel.

Apr 9 '14

Fact #1076

The Krotons was originally meant to be named The Croutons. However following an accident where the film can somehow ended up in the cafeteria, it was hastily renamed. 

Apr 9 '14

Fact #1075

During the filming of Timelash, Colin fell and found himself in the year 2014, and memorised the scripts and storylines of every doctor who story to that point. however, he was sworn to secrecy for the further success of the show. That’s why his hair is so big during The Trial of a Time Lord. It’s full of secrets.

Apr 8 '14

Fact #1074

Every character in series 8 will be played by Matthew Waterhouse. The series finale will involve a 2-hour maths exam haunted by dinosaurs.